Out beyond wrongdoing and right doing, there is a desert

The desert beckons us as if its were the Oasis

We long to hold one another in its lush grass

and drink from the clear spring

The moon whispers in my ear:

I have one foot in that desert

But don't ask me to meet you there

For in that desert of disillusionment,

Just as with wrongdoing and right doing,

You and I,

And even oneness

ceases to exist

Poem by Rumi

Painting by Carmen Belinda Costello

Calligraphy and translation by Ari Honarvar

I have enjoyed this art collaboration with Ari Honarvar, her spirit and creativity have inspired me and her translation of poems by Rumi have delighted my heart and opened up my mind in ways that continue to inspire me everyday.

We played at how we went about things, first starting with paintings I created and she found and translated Rumi poems she felt matched the painting and then added them to the paintings with her beautiful calligraphy.
There are some paintings that we created the images together and then she wrote the poem into the painting. Others were done with Ari first translating a poem and I then created an image. It has been both a challenge and a joy to work with Ari. Check out her web-site: http://www.rumiwithaview.com/ where you can see her paintings that she created with calligraphy to create the images that are poems by Rumi.


Rumi in color... 

 collaboration between artists.

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